A million mistakes



Watercolour on Arches paper, 15 x 30 cm

I was told you are not a real artist until you have made a million mistakes. Not sure if I am at the lower end of the scale or up near the top. I do know that I made so many mistakes and had so many problems when attempting these jonquils, that the first version went in the bin!

James St

03-1-James St

“James St”

Acrylic on board, 80 x 40cm

After spending most of my professional life painting unbuilt buildings and using every trick in the book to make them say “look at me”, it is exciting to paint a subject that is existing and more modest in its presentation. Walking home from school as a kid, I would look at each house, trying decide which one I liked the best and would like to live in, curious about what they were like inside. Who lives in these two houses and what are their lives like?

This painting recently won the Thomas Payne Juror Observational Award awarded by the American Society of Architectural Illustrators. The award was one of the top eleven awards chosen from a field of over three hundred and eighty entries from around the world. The painting will be displayed in Architecture in Perspective 30 Exhibition opening in Toronto later this year and will feature in the catalogue and on the ASAI website.