End of an Addiction

Finalist Portia Geach Memorial Award

S.H Ervin Gallery, NSW

Semi-finalist Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

J_Grealy_End of an Addiction_4mb

This painting is the sequel to the ‘EP Addiction’ ( scroll down). A long time devotee of the Easton Pearson label,  I put on this limited edition brocade coat and I am again transported to a more glamorous world. Four months ago Pam and Lydia announced they were closing their shops and discontinuing their fashion line. I did feel bereft – is this the end of my addiction?

Oil on canvas, 55cm x 110cm

One thought on “End of an Addiction

  1. Hello Jane,

    I still love this piece so much!

    Hoping you had a wonderful time in Japan with the other mischief makers 🙂 I’m currently in San Fransisco with a whole month off work!

    Congratulations on being a finalist for this beautiful self portrait. Is it hanging somewhere to see?.. I know my Mother was keen to see it in person after I showed her when I was still at EP. Hope you’re well! Xo Montana

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