The old corporate me

It has taken me all my life so far to develop my varied art and digital skills working as an architectural illustrator, I’m now leaving my roles working for the industry sector both here in Australia and in America. I’m not stopping but simply starting again, creating the sort of art in the future that I want to make for myself and others without the commercial imperative.

In my words, I’m moving towards the mundane. I’m using this little blog as a start to defining where it is that I’m headed . . . so far I haven’t entirely un-hooked my commercial career – highlights can still be viewed here.

One thought on “The old corporate me

  1. Hello Jane,
    We are opening a new medical practice in Bowen Hills and we would like some information on how to purchase your artworks or also engage you in painting something especially for us. We are a practice of Neurosurgeons and we are currently int he discussion stage around artists. If you could please send me your contact details, we could discuss this further. Kind regards, Melissa.

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