Winner  – Significant  2D Work

Stanthorpe Art Festival

Judges Ron Ramsey and Kyla McFarlane’s comments

“This work on paper displays the artist’s great skill at depicting a scene that is in an informal and casual setting, transformed into a stage of expectation and mystery. The artist has challenged themselves by depicting the scene not in daylight, but by the more gentle light of the moon. The composition’s central focus is not historic, monumental or grandiose, but rather a simple piece of children’s play equipment, the quintessential backyard trampoline.”

Moonlight Trampoline 1200As an inner suburb of Brisbane with pressure for higher density living, New Farm is bustling with construction work for new developments and renovations. Inevitably, the demographic profile of our neighbourhood is shifting. I pass this backyard down a rarely used laneway often and enjoy the quiet view a neglected house and backyard. The weeds grow to waist height and the trampoline looks broken. This abandoned landscape must be familiar to some, perhaps home to remnant wildlife, and I wonder for how much longer.

Real estate advertising brochures feature glamorous high chroma illustrations of new units and houses. By setting this landscape under moonlight, the color has seeped away, and all is still and unchanging.