Dog paintings

Dogs 2400 final

Top left to right,

“LuLu”,  “Zeb”, “Waiting”, “Please”,  “Bella Waiting”,  “Ball”, “Yes?”, “White Teeth”, “Look”, “Dogs”, “Friends”, “Legs”.

Watercolour on Arches paper, each 14 x 14 cm

Black Night, White Dog

2400 Black Night, White Dog

For many years I have studied the dogs and landscape at my local dog park. I am fascinated  by its existance behind a dense screen of trees within an inner city suburb. Night transforms – and a beam of light reveals a dog approaching down a path.

Water colour on Arches paper, 23 x 48 cm

One Night at dog park

Finalist Len Fox Painting Award 2019

2400 DP14&15 one Night at the Dog Parks

I often wonder what ensues in dog park at night. This painting is not an observation of an event I have seen or captured, but of my thoughts of people, of dogs and of this space. The only actuality is the painting.

Oil on linen, each 84 x 58 cm

Dog Park in the time of covid

Finalist Lethbridge Landscape Prize 2020

2400 Dog Park Time of Covid

At about 6.15am people trickle into dog park with their dogs and the day begins. This year it is different. We have to stand 1.5m apart. The dogs continue to play – no social distancing for them. Within a few weeks, people are banned from gathering in the park.

Oil on linen, 40 x 60 cm