Black Night, White Dog

2400 Black Night, White Dog

For many years I have studied the dogs and landscape at my local dog park. I am fascinated ┬áby its existance behind a dense screen of trees within an inner city suburb. Night transforms – and a beam of light reveals a dog approaching down a path.

Water colour on Arches paper, 23 x 48 cm

One Night at dog park

Finalist Len Fox Painting Award 2019

2400 DP14&15 one Night at the Dog Parks

I often wonder what ensues in dog park at night. This painting is not an observation of an event I have seen or captured, but of my thoughts of people, of dogs and of this space. The only actuality is the painting.

Oil on linen, each 84 x 58 cm

Maria’s Garden, Summer Harvest

Kedumba Drawing Award, 2017

Orange Regional Gallery (acquired)

maria's garden - summer harvest - a4

This is the sixth drawing of Maria’s garden. The beans cover every frame and trellis. The space is closed in, a vigorous green wonderland, that left unchecked, could take over the house.

Pastel, charcoal on Arches paper, 56 x 90cm